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PK <>
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Tue, 4 December 2007 - 9:20 AM
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volin (10);
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Rhonda Fleming stars in this 1951 movie, as one of many adventurers seeking sunken treasure. In the scene, she dives from a boat into a lagoon in a green bikini, to collect a shell from the bottom, then swims up. She's met by her love interest, still on the boat, whom she pulls into the water and they swim underwater together briefly.

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Comments posted to this Most Wanted Video request
Check with Mark Kelly. I belive he might have this scene on one of his Cliptapes =
by setokiaba at 08th December, 2007
If Mark Kelly has it, he should add it then. I just "paid" 10 credits to find this out? I'd like my credits back then.
by volin at 12th December, 2007
Hi Volin, I have marked your request as closed and you should have the credits now.
by julius at 13th December, 2007

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